Our Process


Sign Up

Upon creating your account, we guide you down an initial assessment to start discovering areas where your employees feel improvement is needed.


Engage Employees

We provide materials and guidance for employees on how to use our app, as well as how we protect their identity, to encourage the most honest and accurate feedback.


React and Measure

We provide reporting, follow-up materials, expert connections, and measurement tools to see how well your efforts are improving employee perception.

Easy to Get Started

Our process is designed to be easy to use for both participants and company administrators. We recognize that getting employees engaged and participating is the key to getting data organizations can use to address employee retention issues quickly. Our process starts by having employees use the WorkerPoll App to determine where pain points lie so the decisions you make next are based on data… not hunches! Then, after you take action, you have the ability to go back and assess if your actions made a difference.


Assistance When Needed

As we help determine areas employees indicate need improvement, you may find assistance is necessary. We are here to help! With our network of connected exprts, we can offer programs and suggestions that help you to in any area. Plus, with the ability for WorkerPoll to re-measure, you can see if the changes you are making are having a positive effect on employees and adjust as needed!


Data Driven

As you collect data and measure responses for employees, WorkerPoll will continue to give you reports and data that make it clear where you are doing well and where you need improvement. Make business decisions on real data, and not hunches! Measure programs and incentives with solid before and after data.


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